Build a worm bin


5-10 red winglers worms

2 containers (like old yogurt pots)

Some cardboard

A rock (or bottle cap)


Food scraps


Step 1: Poke holes in the bottom of one container.

Step 2: Add some dirt to the container.

Step 3: Add food scraps (like tiny bits of banana peel) and water to the dirt. Moisten the dirt but don't soak it.

Step 4: Put a rock at the bottom of the other container.

Step 5: Place the container with the dirt inside the other.

Step 6: Add your red wiglers worms to the dirt!

Step 7: Close your worm bin with a carboard lid and keep in a dark place. Worms hate light.


Article: Mini Worm-Composting Bins: A great project for kids

"This project creates tiny worm bins. Think of them as starter vermicompost bins, good for about a week or so before you have to move the worms into a larger bin built on the same principles. Or, you could just release the worms into your garden, where they will be perfectly happy."

Printable instructions

3 steps to take care of a tiny worm bin

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